Radiation Monitoring Data Acquisition and Reporting

Radiation Monitoring networks and exist under special conditions and requirements, fenceline generating facility monitoring, early warning systems, nondestructive testing, nuclear treaty verification and safeguards, and nuclear non-proliferation monitoring. Effective network operations contribute to health and human safety as well as successful scientific research.

DR DAS systems are entirely fit for the diverse needs of radiation networks, with their inherent flexibility and durability. Real-time data analysis, alerts and calibration documentation storage are key critical elements. Central databases include both the current and historical data needed to estimate long-term trends in environmental radiation levels.

More than a central monitoring system replacement, Envista in conjunction with the DR DL smart logger also bring significant improvement in reliability and functionality to the data collection process. Their data collection and user friendly reporting interfaces manage the complex report generation process so that in a matter of minutes, a single user can generate management-quality reports. System managers, operators or emergency personnel who need to know critical radiation levels of field unit monitors can be notified through alarms, automatic paging or email messages when set points are exceeded. With DR DAS solutions, users also can more closely manage and control in-field monitoring equipment.

Envista and DR DL loggers are currently installed at multiple sites, such as the Alabama Department of Health and the State of New Jersey's Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP).

Key features of an radiation monitoring systems:

  • accurate and relevant data structures, including calibration
  • understandably organized archival data storage
  • data collection and transmission with federal compliance compatibility
  • built-in redundancy (backup capabilities) for system operational reliability
  • flexibility in regard to local network structure
  • open design for accommodation of industrial systems/devices